From Roots to Treetops: G&L Bark Supply’s Timeless Tradition of Christmas Trees

by | Nov 30, 2023

In the heart of Spanaway, Washington, a story of growth and community roots unfolds with G&L Bark Supply. Since its inception in 1989, Gordon Garl and his family have transformed their small business, starting with just one dump truck for home deliveries, into a cornerstone of the Pierce County landscaping scene. Today, with a fleet of four full-size dump trucks, G&L Bark Supply stands as a testament to hard work and dedication to serving the community.

More Than Just Bark: A Landscape of Variety

While the name G&L Bark Supply might evoke images of just bark, their inventory is a landscaper’s dream. They offer an impressive array of products, including various grades of beauty bark—fine, medium, and nugget. But their offerings extend far beyond that. They provide an extensive selection of gravel, from clean crushed to binder-inclusive options, as well as drain rock, river rock, pea gravel, and other stone-based essentials that are perfect for Pacific Northwest landscaping.

Soil and Stone: The Foundation of Your Garden

At the heart of any beautiful garden is quality soil and stone. G&L Bark Supply takes pride in their on-site soil mixes, created by blending screenable black soil with composted manures. This rich mix is ideal for nurturing a wide range of plants and flowers. Additionally, their selection of colored rock and high-quality flagstone pallets offers endless creative possibilities for garden paths, borders, and features.

The Seasonal Magic of Christmas Trees

When the holiday season approaches, G&L Bark Supply transforms into a winter wonderland with its selection of Christmas trees. This tradition is not just about selling trees; it’s about creating a warm, festive atmosphere for families to select the perfect tree for their holiday celebrations. Each tree is a piece of Pierce County’s natural beauty, bringing the essence of the Pacific Northwest into homes during the most wonderful time of the year.

Community and Sustainability: Core Values of G&L

Beyond their expansive product range, G&L Bark Supply is deeply rooted in the community of Pierce County. Their commitment to sustainability and providing top-notch landscaping materials reflects their dedication to helping the community grow and flourish. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a gardening enthusiast, G&L is more than just a supplier; they are partners in building and nurturing beautiful, sustainable outdoor spaces.

Your Landscaping Partner in Pierce County

As a real estate agent in Pierce County, I’ve seen firsthand the impact that quality landscaping can have on a property’s appeal and value. G&L Bark Supply is more than just a supplier; they are an integral part of the community’s growth and beautification. Their commitment to quality, variety, and sustainable practices makes them an ideal partner for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor space, from the roots of their garden to the treetops of their Christmas tree.


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